Go, graph, graph.go

// This file contains the simple structural implementation of
// directed & undirected graphs used within the graph package
// Author(s): [Shivam](https://github.com/Shivam010), [Tahmeed](https://github.com/Tahmeed156)

package graph

// Graph provides a structure to store the graph.
// It is safe to use its empty object.
type Graph struct {
	vertices int
	edges    map[int]map[int]int // Stores weight of an edge
	Directed bool                // Differentiate directed/undirected graphs

// Constructor functions for graphs (undirected by default)
func New(v int) *Graph {
	return &Graph{
		vertices: v,

// AddVertex will add a new vertex in the graph.
// If the vertex already exists it will do nothing.
func (g *Graph) AddVertex(v int) {
	if g.edges == nil {
		g.edges = make(map[int]map[int]int)

	// Check if vertex is present or not
	if _, ok := g.edges[v]; !ok {
		g.edges[v] = make(map[int]int)

// AddEdge will add a new edge between the provided vertices in the graph
func (g *Graph) AddEdge(one, two int) {
	// Add an edge with 0 weight
	g.AddWeightedEdge(one, two, 0)

// AddWeightedEdge will add a new weighted edge between the provided vertices in the graph
func (g *Graph) AddWeightedEdge(one, two, weight int) {
	// Add vertices: one and two to the graph if they are not present

	// And finally add the edges
	// one->two and two->one for undirected graph
	// one->two for directed graphs
	g.edges[one][two] = weight
	if !g.Directed {
		g.edges[two][one] = weight